Curriculum Vitae


  • September, 1953-May 1955 Merrimack College (Evening Division)
  • June 1955-May 1958 AB Boston University
  • September 1959-June 1963 M.D. Albany Medical College

Postdoctoral Training, Internship and Residencies:

  • July 1963-June 1964 Rotating Internship, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI
  • July 1964-June 1967 Resident in Psychiatry, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston, MA
  • July 1966-June 1967 Laboratory for Community Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School (Courses and seminar in Psychiatric consultation and field work with Boston Visiting Nurses Association)
  • July 1966-June 1967 Chief Resident in Psychiatry, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA

Psychoanalytic Training:

September 1967- June 1973 Candidate in Training, Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Boston, MA
1973 Graduate, Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute,Boston, MA

Licensure and Certification:

  • 1964 License to practice medicine in Massachusetts, #28153
  • 1970 Diplomate in Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • 1976 Certified in Psychoanalysis (American Psychoanalytic Association Board on Professional Standards)
  • 1993 Certified for Added Qualification in Addiction Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Academic Appointments:

  • 1964-1967 Teaching Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • 1967-1973 Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • 1973-1978 Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • 1978-1990 Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • 1990-1995 Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • 1995- Professor of Psychiatry, Part-time, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Hospital Appointments:

  • 1967-1968 Staff Psychiatrist, Baldpate Hospital, Georgetown, MA
  • 1967-1969 Staff Psychiatrist, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston, MA
  • 1967-1970 Junior Visiting Physician (Psychiatry), The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1968- Courtesy Staff, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA
  • 1968-1980 Consulting Staff, Hale Hospital, Haverhill, MA
  • 1970-1990 The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1984-1989 Principal Consulting Psychiatrist, Baldpate HospitaGeorgetown, MA
  • 1989-1992 Staff Psychiatrist, Danvers State Hospital, Danvers, MA
  • 1992- 2008 Associate Chief of Psychiatry, Tewksbury Hospital, Tewksbury, MA
  • 1995-1999 Executive Committee, Tewksbury Hospital
  • 2004-2008 Tewksbury Hospital, Ombudsman
  • 2008- Associate Chief of Psychiatry Emeritus, Tewksbury Hospital

Other Professional Positions and Major Visiting Appointments:

  • 1966-1967 Captain, U.S. Army Reserves, Medical Corps
  • 1967-1970 Major, U.S. Army Reserves, Chief, Neuropsychiatric Section, 331st General Hospital, Lawrence, MA
  • 1986-1991 Consultant/Supervising Physician, National Football League Drug Control Program
  • 1987 Visiting Professor, Timberlawn Hospital, Dallas, TX, December 9-11, 1987
  • 1996- Senior Consultant, NFL/NFL Players Association Drug Treatment Program
  • 1988 John M. Lyon Visiting Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aspen, Colorado, August 1-5, 1988
  • 1989 Visiting Professor, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY, February 21, 1989
  • 1991 Visiting Professor, University of Utah Medical School of Alcohol and Drugs, Salt Lake City, UT, June 23-25, 1991
  • 1993-1995 President, American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcoholism and the Addictions
  • 1994 Fourth Annual Distinguished Lecturer in Substance Abuse, North Shore University Hospital-Cornell University Medical College, Manhasset, NY, January 14,1994
  • 1995 Honorary Visiting Professor of Psychiatry, University  of Buenos Aires, Department of Mental Health
  • 2001-2002 President and CEO, Physician Health Services, Inc. (A Corporation of Massachusetts Medical Society)
  • 2004- President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Physician Health Services, Inc. (A Corporation of Massachusetts Medical Society)
  • 2004-2006 Member, Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM) Task Force

Awards and Honors:

  • 1973 Felix and Helene Deutsch Prize, The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, for paper entitled, Opiate Addiction: A Critical Assessment of Theory and Some Implications for Current Treatment Approaches
  • 1974 Collegium of Distinguished Alumni, College of Liberal Arts, Boston University
  • 1978 Fellow, American College of Psychoanalysts (Honorary Association for Physician-Analysts)
  • 1993-1995 President, American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcoholism and the Addictions
  • 1994 Fourth Annual Distinguished Lecturer in Substance Abuse, North Shore University Hospital-Cornell
    University Medical College, Manhasset, NY, January 14, 1994
  • 1995 Honorary Visiting Professor of Psychiatry, University of Buenos Aires, Department of Mental Health
  • 1995- Listed in Best Doctors in America.Woodward/White, Aiken, South Carolina
  • 1998 Distinguished Service Award (1979-1998), Physician Health Services, Inc.
  • 2000 Founders Award, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry – “In recognition of your courage in changing the ways we think of and understand addictions.”
  • 2002 Massachusetts Medical Society 2002 Award for Excellence Medical Service – “For distinguished demonstration of compassion and dedication to the medical needs of patients and/or the public”
  • 2003 Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
  • 2006 Listed as one of Boston’s Best Doctors in Boston Magazine, February 2006
  • 2009 Distinguished Fellow, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
  • 2013 The 20th John Bowlby Memorial Lecture 2013, The Self-Medication Hypothesis and Attachment Theory: Pathway for Understanding and Ameliorating Addictive Suffering
  • 2013 Conference in Honor of Edward Khantzian, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Center, NYC
  • 2013 Honored to deliver the John Bowlby 20th Memorial Lecture in London
  • 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award, Massachusetts Psychiatric Society

Principal Hospital/Health care System Responsibilities:

  • 1965-68 Consultant, Division of Legal Medicine, Framingham, MA – Framingham Correctional Institution for Women
  • 1966-67 Chief Resident in Psychiatry, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1967-69 Consultant, Children’s Aid and Family Sociey, Haverhill, MA
  • 1969-70 Consultant, The New England Council on Higher Education for Nursing, Human Relations Workshop
  • 1975-77 Collaborator/Consultant, National Drug/Alcohol Collaborative Project (Sponsored by the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse and the National Institute on Drug Abuse)
  • 1976-80 Consultant, Division of Research, Clinical-Behavioral Branch, National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • 1982 President-elect, Medical Staff, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1983 President, Medical Staff, The Cambridge Hospital
  • 1985-1989 Principal Psychiatrist for Substance Abuse Disorders, Department of Psychiatry, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge MA
  • 1988-1990 Consultant, Austen Riggs Center
  • 2004-2008 Ombudsman, Patient Care Assessment Committee, Tewksbury Hospital

Major Committee Assignments:

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Drug Rehabilitation Advisory Board: Vice Chairman, 1976-1977; Chairman, 1977-1978 (appointed by Governor Michael Dukakis)
  • Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute: Member, 1973-; Research Committee, 1978-. Past Committee appointments. Continuing Education; Institute Analysis, Ad Hoc, Fundraising/Endowment.
  • The Cambridge Hospital: Member, Executive Committee, 1976-1988; Chairperson, Formulary Committee, 1978-1983; Chairperson,By-laws Committee, 1980-1982; Member, Joint Conference Committee, 1982-1985; Chairman, Executive Committee; 1983-1984; Chairman, Academic Appointments and Promotions Committee, Department of Psychiatry, 1985-1987
  • Committee on Commonalties in Substance Abuse and Habitual Behavior, Sponsored by National Academy of Science/National Research Council Assembly of Behavioral and Social Scientists: Participant/Invitee, 1977, Airlie House,  Warrenton, Virginia
  • American Psychiatric Association: General Member, 1968-1973; Fellow,1973-; Member/Contributor, Substance Use Disorder Advisory Committee for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition (DSM-III); Consultant, Committee on Drug Abuse, 1984-1986; Member, Committee on Drug Abuse, 1986-1989; Corresponding Member, Council on Addiction Psychiatry, 1991-1993; Member, 1993-1998;Vice Chairperson, 1995-96; 1997-98; Life Fellow, 2000-2002; Distinguished Life Fellow, 2003-
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology: Committee on Certification for Added Qualifications in Addiction Psychiatry, 1992-1994
  • Massachusetts Medical Society: Member, 1968-; Member, Committee on Physician Health, 1978-1989, 1992-, (Chairperson, Policy and Procedures Sub-Committee, 1978-1980); Chairman, Committee on Drugs and Therapeutics, 1984-1988; Advisor, Committee on Physician Health, 1989-92; Member, Board of Directors, Physician Health Services, Inc.,1993-; Chairman of the Board, 1995-; President and CEO, 2001- 2002; President, 2004- (A Corporation of Massachusetts Medical Society)
  • Massachusetts Psychiatric Society: Member, Committee on the Disabled Physician, 1979-1983; Member, Committee on Alcoholism and the Addictions, 1981-; Chairman, Committee on Alcoholism and Addictions, 1983-1991
  • Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry: Member, 1983-; Member,  International Relations Committee, 1983-1986; Chairman (founding chair), Committee on Alcoholism and Addictions, 1986-1991; Contributing Member, 1991-
  • American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (formerly the American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcoholism and the Addictions). Founding Member, 1985-; Chairman, Committee of Area Directors, 1985-1987; Secretary, 1987-1989; Vice President, 1989-1991; President Elect, 1991-1993; President, 1993-1995

Major Administrative Responsibilities:

  • 1967-71 Chief, Psychiatric Consultation Service, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1971-76 Director, The Cambridge Hospital Drug Treatment Program, Cambridge, MA
  • 1974-76 Director, Drug Treatment Services, The Cambridge-Somerville Mental Health and Retardation Center
  • 1976-80 Associate Director, Department of Psychiatry, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1977-80 Associate Director, Clinical Services, The Cambridge-Somerville Mental Health and Retardation Center
  • 1980-82 Special Assistant to the Director, Department of Psychiatry, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1982-86 Director, Departmental Liaison, Department of Psychiatry, The Cambridge, Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1983-84 President, Medical Staff, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
  • 1990-92 Associate Medical Director, Danvers State Hospital, Danvers, MA
  • 1992-2008 Associate Chief of Psychiatry, Tewksbury Hospital, Tewksbury, MA


  • 1968- Northern Essex County Medical Society
  • 1968- Pentucket Association of Physicians, Haverhill, MA
  • 1968- Massachusetts Medical Society
  • 1968- American Psychiatric Association (General Member, 1968-73; Fellow, 1973-2000; Life Fellow, 2000-2002; Distinguished Life Fellow, 2003-)
  • 1968-1970 Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
  • 1971 Founding Board Member, Boston Institute for Psychotherapies (Medical Coordinator, 1975-78)
  • 1973-1978 Alcohol and Drug Problems Association of North America
  • 1973- Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Inc.
  • 1974-1982 Northern Essex Mental Health Association (Board of Directors; First Vice President, 1975-1977)
  • 1975-1977 Governor’s Drug Abuse Prevention Planning Council – Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • 1977-1995 American Psychoanalytic Association
  • 1977-1995 International Psychoanalytic Association
  • 1978-1979 National Alliance of Chairpersons of the State Advisory Councils for Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • 1978-1986 American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C.
  • 1982- Member, American Medical Association
  • 1985- Hospital and Community Psychiatry Service Speakers’ Bureau, Washington, D.C.
  • 1985- American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (Formerly the American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcoholism and Addictions)
  • 1995-1997 Clinical Member, American Group Psychotherapy Association Editorial Boards:
  • 1983-2003 Member, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
  • 1986- Member, American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • 1989- American Journal of Addictions (Associate Editor 1989-1999)
  • 1997-2000 Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
  • 1998- Journal of Gambling Studies
  • 2005- Journal of Groups in Addictions and Recovery

Reviewer for:

  • 1978- American Journal of Psychiatry
  • 1979- Annals of Internal Medicine
  • 1979- American Journal of Psychotherapy
  • 1980- Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
  • 1981- General Hospital Psychiatry
  • 1981- Psychological Bulletin
  • 1982- Hospital and Community Psychiatry
  • 1985- Journal of Alcohol Studies
  • 1986- Book Review Section, New England Journal of Medicine
  • 1986- Journal of the American Medical Association
  • 1992- The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
  • 2002 International Journal of Psychoanalysis

Major Research Interests:

  • Self-medication hypothesis of addictive disorders
  • The substance-dependent physician
  • The psychodynamics of 12-step programs
  • Individual and group psychotherapy with substance abusers
  • Self-medication factors in dual diagnosis patients
  • The nature of personality disorder in substance abusers
  • Addiction as a self-regulation disorder
  • Self-care and behavioral disorders

Research Grants:

  • 1974-1976 Principal Investigator and Program Director, Drug Problems Resource Center; Project Co-Director, Polydrug Treatment Program (National Institute on Drug Abuse Demonstration Project), Grant No. 1 H81 DA 01519-01
  • 1977-1980 Investigator, NIDA Contract No. 271-77-3431, “Implications of Psychiatric Diagnosis for Narcotic Dependence Treatment”
  • 1978-1980 Principal Investigator, NIDA Grant No. R01 DA 01828-01, “Ego Functioning in Drug Users and Addicts”
  • 1986- Clinical Co-Investigator, (with William McAuliffe, Ph.D., Principal Investigator), NIDA Grant No. R01 DA 03944-01, “Recovery Training and Self-Help for Cocaine Addicts”
  • 1989-92 Medical Director, Project Outreach, NIDA Grant “Boston Demonstration of Outreach for AIDS Prevention”
  • 1992 Principal Investigator (Alan I. Green, M.D., Co-Investigator) Sandoz Study # ABA-758, “Comparison of Psychopharmacological Treatment for Negative Symptoms in Dually-Diagnosed Schizophrenics: Testing the
    Self-Medication Hypothesis”

Teaching Experience: GENERAL

  • 1967- Local, national, and international lecturer, primarily on Substance
    Abuse Disorders. Other subjects include dual diagnosis, self-care, the self-medication hypothesis, group psychotherapy, self-regulation disorders, and impaired physicians and other impaired professionals.
  • Individual supervision of psychiatry residents, medical school students, psychology, nursing, and social work staff and trainees, and both individual and group supervision of drug program staff and trainees. Seminars, PGY III Longwood Residence.
  • Case conference instructor and Grand Rounds lecturer at various local and national teaching hospitals, mental health centers, and professional organizations.


The Cambridge Hospital:

  • 1967- Supervision, Psychiatry Residency Training Program at The Cambridge Hospital; supervision of psychology, social work, nursing trainees in the Department of Psychiatry
  • 1975- Lecturer, PGY II and III Psychiatric Residency Seminars on Psychopathology (Substance Abuse and Character Pathology)
  • 1984- Supervision of Drug Treatment Staffs: North Charles Institute for the Addictions, 1981-; Metropolitan State Hospital Dual Diagnosis Unit, 1981-90
  • 1985 Lecturer, Psychopharmacology Seminar
  • 1986- Conference Director and Faculty (1979-), The Cambridge Hospital/Department of Psychiatry Annual Addictions Conference
  • 1987- Lecturer at Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, 1987, on substance dependence, repetition and the nature of addictive suffering; 1990, on how AA works (with John E. Mack), and 1991, on accessing and treating the vulnerable self in groups, 1999, the psychiatrist as expert witness (with James Beck and Ronald Schouten)
  • 1987- Senior Faculty, Norman E. Zinberg Center for Addiction Studies; supervisor of Center Fellows; Seminar series annually on the Nature of Addictive Vulnerability
  • 1990 Lecturer, Department of Medicine Grand Rounds, on understanding and treating cocaine abuse

Harvard Medical School:

  • 1975 Instructor, Harvard Medical School course, “Clinical Management of the Addictions”
  • 1981 Panelist, Risk Management Foundation on Impaired Physicians for Harvard Medical Hospitals
  • 1987 Lecturer for medical students, Advanced Clerkship in Psychiatry
  • 1988- Lecturer, alcoholism course for Harvard Medical Students at Massachusetts Mental Health Center
  • 1989-92 Lecturer, on psychology of addictive behavior, for Harvard Medical Students at Beth Israel Hospital, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, and The Cambridge Hospital
  • 1992- Faculty, Division on Addictions; Member, Educational Task Force, 1993-; Member, Advisory Committee on Physician and Student Health, 1994-

Beth Israel Hospital:

  • 1987-90 Grand Rounds lectures to Department of Psychiatry on addictive suffering (’87); and the self medication hypotheses – an update (’90)
  • 1989- Supervisor of PGY II and III psychiatric residents rotating through Danvers State Hospital; Convenor and chairman of case conferences involving Beth Israel Residents

Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Inc.:

  • 1976-87 Course Director and instructor for the Extension Division’s course on psychoanalytic perspectives on drug and alcohol dependence in 1976, 1979, 1980, 1982, and 1987
  • 1992 Planning Committee for Symposium on Addictive Behavior; keynote presentation on understanding and treating addictive vulnerability

Boston University:

  • 1987 Lecture on psychiatric and psychodynamic aspects of substance abuse to School of Social Work class on Substance Abuse and Social Policy
  • 1990 Psychiatric Grand Rounds lecture on self-regulation vulnerabilities in substance abusers and treatment implication
  • 1997 Psychiatric Grand Rounds lecture on an update and recent application of the self-medication hypothesis of substance use disorders

Brigham and Women’s Hospital:

  • 1983-92 Presentor, lecturer and case discussant at Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, case conferences and lecturers on psychology of addictive behavior, impaired physicians, group therapy, and self-help groups

Children’s Hospital:

  • 1977-81 Lectures and participation in workshops, for course on Management of Psychological Crises in Children and Adolescents

Columbia University:

  • 1983-85 Lectures at Smithers Training Program Alcoholism Conferences on the Psychodynamic approach to drug abuse.
  • 1993 Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry, on An Update and RecentApplications of the Self Medication Hypothesis

Massachusetts General Hospital:

  • 1970-71 Lecturer, School of Nursing
  • 1983 Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry, on the self medication hypothesis
  • Psychiatry West End Group on self-regulation factors in cocaine dependence (’89); to Primary care Psychiatry Unit on psychodynamics and management of cocaine abuse (’90)
  • 1986-90 Lectured to Psychopharmacology Department on self-medication factors in addictive disorders (’86);
  • 1988-90 Lectures to Freedom Trail Clinic, Lindemann Mental Health Center, on treatment approaches to substance dependence and the self-medication hypothesis
  • 1990 Discussant at Thirteenth Annual Erich Lindemann Memorial Lecture Massachusetts Mental Health Center:
  • 1985-91 Lecturer, PGY II Psychopathology Seminar, on the addictive character structure
  • 1986 Lecture for the Psychopharmacology Lecture Series on the self-medication hypothesis
  • 1989 Lecture on addictive vulnerability
  • 1996 Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry on an update and recent applications of the self-medication hypothesis of addictive disorders

McLean Hospital:

  • 1977- Grand Rounds presenter and discussant; case conferences, presentor at CME conferences and workshops

Massachusetts Bar Association:

  • 1982 Panelist for the Criminal Justice Section Conference on “Treating the Drug Dependent Person”

National Institute of Mental Health:

  • 1991 Participant (by invitation) in NIMH Workshop on Causal Priority of Comorbid Psychopathology and Substance Abuse; spoke on the self-medication hypothesis of substance abuse
  • 1976-77 Participant in Technical Review Seminars on PsychodynamicAspects on Narcotic Addictions, for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Research Division
  • 1988 Participant (by invitation) in Technical Review Conference on Epidemiology of Cocaine Abuse: presented a paper on self-medication factors in cocaine dependence
  • 1991 NIDA National Conference on Drug Abuse, Research, and Practice; spoke (by invitation) on the role of psychotherapy in addiction recovery

New England Hospital Assembly, Inc.:

  • 1980-81 Lectures on “Impaired Physicians: Their Problems are Yours”

New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center – Westchester Division:

  • 1986-92 Psychiatric Grand Rounds on addictive suffering (’86); and on an update of the self-medication hypothesis (’92); North Shore University Hospital (Manhasset, NY) on AA-Cult or Corrective ’94)

Northwestern University Medical School:

  • 1994 Institute of Psychiatry Grand Rounds on accessing and treating the vulnerable person in substance abuse

Tufts New England Medical Center:

  • 1986-91 Two Grand Rounds lectures for the Department of Psychiatry Staff on (1) the psychological predisposition for drug dependence and (2) addiction and the vulnerable self- modified group therapy

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center – The Institute of Pennsylvania

  • 1984 Bond Symposium, lecture on treatment intervention with substance abusers
  • 1992 Psychiatric Grand Rounds on understanding and treating substance abusers

American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcoholism and the Addictions (AAPAA):

  • 1989- Lecturer, workshop leader, discussant at Annual Scientific Meeting

American Psychiatric Association:

  • 1980- Scientific Papers and Workshops; Faculty Instructor, APA courses on office management of drug and alcohol abuse

American Psychoanalytic Association:

  • 1974-98 Co-founder and co-chairman of Annual Ongoing Discussion Group,
    “The Substance Abusing Patient in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis;” Chairman, 1985-1992; Co-Chair, 1992-98;
  • 1986 Symposium Paper on the nature of repetition in addictive suffering
  • 1990-91 Instructor/Lecturer at seminar for clinicians on “The Psychology of Addictive Behavior,” lecturing on self-regulation vulnerabilities in substance abusers and treatment implications, Washington, DC, 1990; Seattle, WA, 1991

National Football League/NFL Players Association:

  • 1996- NFL/NFL Players Association Conferences for Treating Clinicians Lectures- 1996 Addictive vulnerability in the gifted athlete-The blessing and the burden, 1997 Group Process with particular reference to 12-step Programs, 1998 The disordered person and addictive suffering

Other Presentations:

  • 1996 Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California: Principal speaker for course on psychoanalytic approaches to chemical dependency: Lectures on the self-medication hypothesis and personality factors in addictive suffering
  • 1996 Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Anesthesia: Facilitator and discussant on addictive vulnerability in physicians
  • 1997 Austin Riggs Grand Rounds: On recent applications of the self-medication hypothesis
  • 1997 International Society for Post Traumatic Stress Studies(ISPTSS), New York Chapter: Keynote speaker at the Annual Meeting on PTSD and substance use disorders
  • 1997 Harvard Medical School – Division on Addictions: Seminars on the psychology and treatment of substance use disorders
  • 1997 Mass. Psychiatric Society Committee on Alcoholism and Addictions: Presentation on the self-medication hypothesis
  • 1997 North East Regional Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Conference
    on the dually diagnosed patient and the self-medication hypothesis
  • 1997 Institute of Bioethics (Madrid, Spain) sponsored Conference in Barcelona, Spain on risk reduction programs for addictions: Keynote roundtable speaker on the self-medication hypothesis as a first step in harm reduction
  • 1998 Addiction Research Foundation, Toronto: An update of the self-medication hypothesis of substance use disorders
  • 1998 American Psychoanalytic Association, New York City (Annual Meeting): Co-leader, Discussion Group – The patient with substance use disorders inpsychoanalysis/psychotherapy
  • 1998 New School of Social Research, New York City: Symposium on PTSD and substance use disorders – Trauma and addictive suffering
  • 1998 Mass. Psychiatric Soc. and the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry: A self-medication perspective of trauma and addictive suffering
  • McLean Hospital: Symposium on Disorders of Narcissism – Narcissistic vulnerability and substance use disorders.
  • 1998 NYU Medical Center Department of Psychiatry: Grand Rounds/Seminar- Recent applications of the self-medication hypothesis.
  • Annual TCH/HMS Addiction Course, Understanding and treating addictions –Substance abuse treatment: What makes for good therapy?
  • 1999 New Hampshire Clinical Social Work Federation: Workshop – Integrating self-help, individual, and group psychotherapy in substance treatment.
  • 1999 Mass. Behavioral Health Partnership: Workshop – Addictive suffering and the disordered person.
  • 1999 Regional Workshop for DUI Programs in New Hampshire: DUI Programs in New Hampshire.
  • 1999 Workshop – Integrating self-help, individual, and group psychotherapy in substance treatment. New Hampshire Clinical Social Work Federation
  • 1999 Workshop – Understanding and treating the substance use disordered person: Group approaches. Community Alcohol Information Program, Inc. for DUI Programs in New Hampshire
  • 1999 Lecture – Treating addiction as a human process. Tewksbury Hospital Substance Abuse Lecture Series
  • 1999 Workshop – Office Practice. Philadelphia, Treatment Research Institute
  • 1999 Grand Rounds, Department of Medicine. Understanding and treating addictive vulnerability in physicians
  • 1999 Conference, University of Michigan Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry. Treating addiction as a human process.
  • 1999 Grand Rounds, The Cambridge Hospital Department of Psychiatry, The history of the Department (with four other founding members)
  • 1999 Panel – Master Clinicians-Case presentation (with Dr. Kathleen Brady). Annual meeting, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
  • Presentation – Austen Riggs. Treating addiction as a human process.
  • 2000 Conference Presentation, New School for Social Research – Treating addiction as a human process. New York City
  • 2000 Grand Rounds, Mass. Mental Health/Deaconess Grand Rounds – Treating addiction as a human process.
  • 2000 Grand Rounds, Westwood Lodge, Westwood, MA. Treating addiction as a human process.
  • 2000 Pro Medica Fourth Annual Symposium in Psychiatry, Perrysburg, Ohio Presentation, Understanding and treating addictive vulnerability: An evolving perspective.
  • 2000 Keynote Speaker, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, Annual Scientific Meeting (Recipient, Founders Award), Phoenix, Arizona – Treating Addiction as a Human Process: A Plea for a Measure of Marginality
  • 2001 Seminar, Harvard Medical School, Division on Addictions – The Self-Medication Hypothesis of Addictions: An Update and Recent Applications
  • Seminar, Harvard Medical School Longwood PGY III Residents – The Self-Medication Hypothesis, Focus on Stimulants: Treatment Implications
  • 2001 Grand Rounds, Mt. Auburn Hospital Department of Psychiatry – Treatment of Addictions as a Human Process: A Plea for a Measure of Marginality
  • 2001 Presentation, Austen Riggs, Stockbridge, MA – Reflections on Group Therapy for Addictive Vulnerability
  • 2001 Conference, Minnesota Society of Adolescent Psychiatry, Minneapolis, MN., Keynote Speaker – Treating Addictions as a Human Process: A Plea for a Measure of Marginality
  • 2001 Annual Conference, NFL/NFL Players Association Conferences for Treating Clinicians – Lecture, Emotional and Behavioral Disregulation in Substance Abusers
  • 2001 Course: An Insider’s View of Addiction Treatment – Tewksbury Hospital, HMS, and the Judicial Institute. Group discussion leader and Panel Chair – The Experience of Addiction Treatment
  • 2001 Tewksbury Hospital, Substance Abuse Lecture Series – Addictive Vulnerability: An Evolving Perspective
  • 2002 Grand Rounds: Dartmouth Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry (3/12/02)- Treating Addictions as a Human Process: A Plea for a Measure of Marginality
  • 2002 Seminar: HMS, PGY III Longwood Psychiatry Residents (6/12/02)- Self-Medication Factors in Dually Diagnosed Patients
  • 2002 Annual Conference for Treating Clinicians, NFL/NFL Players Association: Lecture – Therapists Reactions to Treating Heroes, the Rich, and the Famous: Opportunities and Traps
  • 2002 Lecture: Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center Substance Treatment and Research Service (STARS) Substance Lecture Series
  • 2002 Presentation: Harvard Medical School/Division on Addictions Course (12/10/02) – Las Vegas, NV: Lecture – The Self-Medication Hypothesis: Application to Gambling and other Behavioral Disorders
  • 2003 Tewksbury Hospital, Substance Abuse Lecture Series – The Self-Medication Revisited: Treatment Implications
  • 2003 Annual Conference, NFL/NFL Players Association Conferences for Treating Clinicians – Lectures: The Disordered Self and Addictive Vulnerability; and Appreciating Patient Needs in Substance Treatment
  • 2003 Keynote Speaker, Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center Conference, Chicago, Illinois – The Self-Medication Hypothesis: Implications for Psychotherapy
  • 2003 Presentation – Massachusetts Medical Society Conference, Caring for the Caregivers; Recognizing the Signs and Need for Care
  • 2004 Presentation – Annual TCH/HMS Addiction Course, Understanding and treating addictions; Treatment Implications of the Self-Medication Hypothesis
  • 2004 Tewksbury Hospital, Substance Abuse Lecture Series – What is Our Nature? What is the Nature of Addictive Vulnerability
  • 2004 Keynote Speaker, Symposium on Caring for Our Youth, Vancouver, British Columbia; Treating Addiction as a Human Process: A Plea for a Measure of Marginality
  • 2004 Lecture and Case Conference for HMS III student tutorial, Cambridge Health Alliance, Department of Psychiatry
  • 2005 Tewksbury Hospital, Substance Abuse Lecture Series – How and Why a Psychodynamic Perspective Can Guide Addiction Treatment
  • 2005 Presentation: Harvard Medical School/Division on Addictions/NCRG Conference – Las Vegas, NV: Finding Common Ground on Prevention, Treatment an Policy; Lecture- A Pathway for Finding Common Ground in the Patient-Clinician Relationship: The Self-Medication Hypothesis of Addictive Behaviors
  • 2006 Presentation – Annual TCH/HMS Addiction Course, Understanding and treating addictions; How and Why a Psychodynamic Perspective Can Guide Addiction Treatment
  • 2006 Second National Conference: Psychotherapy of Addiction; Henderson Hospital Services, London, England. Keynote Speaker- Understanding our Nature Understanding Addictive Vulnerability; and The Self-Medication Hypothesis-Clinical Implications
  • 2006 Institute of Group Analysis, London, England. Reflections on Addictive Vulnerability-Treatment Implications
  • 2006 Presentation – Boston University Medical Center Department of Psychiatry GrandRounds; The Self-Medication Hypothesis of Substance Use Disorder: Implications for Treatment
  • 2006 Keynote Speaker – Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Conference on Integrating Services for Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Mental Health; Substance Use Disorders: Why are Some of us More Vulnerable than Others?
  • 2007 NASW, NYC City Chapter 39th Annual Addiction Institute, Keynote Speaker:Substance Use Disorders: Why are Some of us More Vulnerable than Others?
  • 2007 Center for Counseling and Student Development Roger Williams University. Lecture, Bristol, RI: The Self-Medication Hypothesis Revisited – Implications for Treatment
  • 2007 NYU School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Grand Rounds: Lecture, Substance Use Disorders: Why are Some of Us More Vulnerable than Others?
  • 2007 Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA, Conference on Methamphetamine Abuse: Lecture, Oxycontin, Heroin, Cocaine and their Appeal: The Self-Medication Hypothesis
  • 2008 Presentation – Annual TCH/HMS Addiction Course, Treating the addictions; Psychodynamic Considerations in Addiction Treatment and Recovery
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